Here is a list of questions I get asked regularly.

The Edge of Darkness is so original! Why did you self-publish instead of seeking traditional publishing?

Traditional publishing has a whole lot of loopholes you need to jump through. You need to get an agent, and to do that you need to write a query letter, and before you do that you need to write a book that has mass appeal and marketability. While I see The Edge of Darkness as an adult version of Cinder meets Across the Universe, I’m aware that it’s 52K words long, and any traditionally published adult sci-fi space opera book tends to be upwards of 80K words (preferably over 100K). When there’s no place for a book in traditional publishing, that’s when you self-publish.

With Storm Front, it’s a different story entirely. Traditional publishers won’t take short story collections from unknown authors. The Oncoming Storm will be self-published as well, because it’s a continuation of a self-published enterprise.

That’s not to say that I don’t believe in traditional publishing. I just want my work out there and to be read, and I found this method works for me at this time with the work that I’m producing. Traditional publishing, whether small or mid-press, is still a viable option for the future, but I’m working on getting my self-published backlog up.

I loved it, but why isn’t the Edge of Darkness longer!

I felt that the complete story was told within the words I chose. I’m still learning my craft, but I didn’t feel adding another 20-30K words was worth my time and the changes it would have required within the book. The idea of expanding the parts people want expanded – the deepening of character relationships, giving more time to the ‘bad guys’ – bored me, and I knew if it bored me writing it, it would bore you reading it.

 Will you look at my WIP/first draft/writing and give me feedback?

Ordinarily I would love to read your stuff – if you’ve already made it the best you can (which means more than just doing a spellcheck!). I’m a successful reviewer on Goodreads and I love reading. I have to read a lot to get better at writing. But looking at pre-published stuff is beginning to eat into my time more than I’d like it to. There is also a problem now that I’m publishing my own work that I might see something similar in your work, and I don’t want accusations of copying anyone.

So from now on I am going to politely decline unless I’m already an established beta reader/critiquer for you. What would you like better, that I stop writing and take up full-time critiquing, or that I quit critiquing and get back to producing more writing for you to read?

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