30 Day Book Challenge: Day Two

Day Two: Your Least Favourite Book

Professor Midnight by Lynn Santa and Peter Andrew Wright

This is simply the worst book I have ever read. I wrote a review for it and posted it under a different name on Amazon in 2006. The other reviewers seemed to have read a different book, for they all gave it 5 stars. Anyway, here we go:

Although the author is credited as doing in-depth research for this novel, it is nothing that anyone with a passing interest in Wiccan, genetic, religious, historical, or political practices would know. The story seems more like a justification for writing sex scenes that reflect an old man’s sexual fantasies rather than a really coherent story. And was there even an editor? There is punctuation and basic spelling mistakes that make it seem like it was written by a teenager – how did they miss them?!. The references to Leonardo Da Vinci‘s Codes seem to me as simply jumping on the bandwagon and taking advantage of the phenomenal reception of the Dan Brown book.
This story did not flow well but was jerky and dysfunctional, especially when it came to spoken dialogue, unspoken or implied dialogue, and characterisation. It was like the author did not know what to mention and what to exclude as a summary. The inclusion of large-scale events such as the Academy Awards and visiting the Amazon Jungle was probably mentioned in the vain hope that an eventual movie adaptation would have stunning scenery. It seems like this was the first draft of a promising novel, accidentally sent to publishers instead of the final result.
Of the many times I put this book down in disgust, or laughed out loud at the pretentious statements, I picked it back up again in the vain hope it would get better, or that I would finish it and publish a truthful review. Avoid at all costs!

I’d also like to mention that the main character is a cross between the Phantom of the Opera and Casanova. It’s awkward, ugly, and a little wrong. There is so much MORE I could say about why I hate this book, but I will hope you can take my review (which is most certainly NOT personal, but completely objective) as a warning to avoid it.


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