30 Day Book Challenge: Day Five

Day Five: A non-fiction book that you actually enjoyed
The Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works by Roger Highfield.

First of all, I have to get up on my high horse about how this question insinuates that non-fiction books are not enjoyable. I’ve read heaps. I went to University. I’m so used to reading non-fiction and I find it fascinating. I can easily get addicted to reading science articles. Anyway, let me continue.

This book was so interesting and so informative, I think I read it three times within the space of a month. It delves into all the magic of the Harry Potter world and explains how, using science, it might be possible, either currently or in the future. It sure was interesting reading about the broomsticks and the invisibility cloak, and how Quidditch could be played.

I also read that it was Neanderthals that were red-haired, and when they were bred out of existence, their descendants inherited the ginger gene. Not really sure how true it is (in fact, I think it has been disproved), but it sure was interesting while I was reading it.