30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twenty-One

Day Twenty-One: A guilty pleasure book

The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost

Why this book is a guilty pleasure:

  • I’m not into vampire fiction. Really, I’m not. They’ve been overdone. But I like this series.
  • The heroine, Cat, is half-vampire, not your run of the mill helpless human victim.
  • Cat kicks total ass.
  • The love interest, Bones, is blatantly modelled on my favourite version of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – the Spike from season 6 and 7, the one who loves Buffy, has mad sex with her and then goes off and gets his own soul. Bones is a full-blood vampire, a Master vamp, a bounty hunter, and a total badass.
  • And he’s totally protective and territorial of Cat.
  • And his nickname for her is ‘Kitten’. I love that. It’s the same nickname one of my love interests calls my heroine because she’s soft and cuddly with claws. LOL.

  • The sex in this series is insane. Each time (and there is multiple times per book) it’s more intense than the last. I don’t know how Frost keeps coming up with stuff.
  • The two main characters have a legitimate relationship with completely normal problems such as communication issues and jealousy – none of this Bella/Edward, Nora/Patch, Luce/Daniel crap.
  • Normally I feel really detached from the love interests in paranormal and urban fantasy. I don’t see how the heroines can love their mates. Their mates tend to be controlling assholes. But in this series, I understand Cat and Bones’ relationship, and I enjoy reading about it. Cat and Bones have very real, very adult problems in their relationship, and they overcome these problems in very real, very adult ways. There’s no “OMG he’s so hot I can’t think straight, but I hate him!” “I’m going to kiss you forcefully now!” “Yes, I’m all yours once more!” kind of crap you find in YA fiction. It’s a legitimate relationship, not this whole ‘destiny’ and ‘young love, I’m 17 and I know what true love is!’ bollocks.
  • There is actually a plot to each of the books, but I’ll be damned if I can remember them. All I really care about is the relationship. That’s the best part.