30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

Day Twenty-Five: Your favourite autobiographical or biographical book

Keep Smiling by Charlotte Church

I enjoyed this autobiography a lot more than Charlotte’s first one, Voice of an Angel: My Life (So Far). Basically because Voice of an Angel: My Life (So Far) only really told me things I already knew about. It was written when Charlotte was fifteen or so, after her Christmas album Dream a Dream had been released, but before they decided to record Enchantment.
This autobiography is more grown up. It really tells more behind-the-scenes stuff such as the reality behind her relationship with her ex-manager, her relationship with her parents, and Gavin (who at the time, was the father of Ruby but Dexter wasn’t born yet, they hadn’t been engaged and therefore hadn’t split up).

Yes, some of the tales told are re-tellings of tales we’ve heard a million times before – how she was discovered, her relationship with her aunt, her singing lessons with Lulu etc. But once you get past all the stuff we’ve already covered (with little insights such as a more mature look back on her childhood) you get into the really interesting stuff. The ex-boyfriends before Gavin seem to be largely ignored as far as I can remember – I don’t recall much mention of them – after all, they both sold their stories to tabloids.