30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twenty-Six

Day Twenty-Six: A book you wish would be written

Deathwalker by Lissa Bilyk.

Indulge me. Deathwalker is Book 5 of the series I’m working on. Currently Book 1 and 2 are in editing stages, Book 3 is being written, and Books 4 and 5 are being planned and outlined.

I wish Deathwalker were written because I’m working linearly and that means that the whole series would be complete (minus the spin-offs).

While writing the books sure are a lot of fun and I know the characters pretty well because they’ve been in my head for so long, it’s also a lot of hard work weaving the entire narrative over five books (and spin-offs). How do you keep the story fresh and interesting, how do you write characters that people care about, how does it compare to other YA/high fantasy books on the market?

Will anyone like it if it’s self-published, and am I making the right choice when literary agents are looking for new and interesting books and mine might be one of them? Will anyone like it when it doesn’t fit into the normal YA subgenres: angels, vampires, werewolves, fairies, mermaids, paranormal romance, steampunk and so forth? Is my less common take on fantasy the Next Big Thing? (I’d like to think so!)

I have no idea when Deathwalker is going to go on sale. I’m not making any promises: after all, I know I’ll be moving to Australia, finding a new job, getting a new house, planning a wedding and so on before it’s written.
This cover is just a mock-up. It’s not the cover I’ll be using.