30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twenty-Eight

Day Twenty-Eight: A book you wish you never read

Fallen/Torment by Lauren Kate.

What can I say about this book (Fallen) that doesn’t include spoilers? Not much. So if you don’t want spoilers, GFTO.

I simply cannot get over how abysmally disappointed I was with this book. I bought it because I saw the cover and I knew it would bug me forever if I didn’t give it a shot. It’s a beautiful cover, possibly the most beautiful I have ever seen. The back cover blurb suggested that there was an mysterious boy that Luce, the protagonist, would want to investigate with possible hope of romance.
OK. Truth time. Daniel Grigori is a dick. Lucinda Price is the most overrated heroine ever. She’s frustratingly passive, a doormat that her new friends walk all over. She’s supposed to be at a reform school that allows facial piercing yet will electronically shock their students for no reason, has practically NO adult supervision, and is surrounded by security cameras that are easily circumnavigated.

The reform school is a gloomy, poor, falling-down place, set next to a graveyard. Ooooh, spooky! Yeah, right. I have no idea who the hell would build a reform school like that. Also, Luce is put in there because she was present at the death of her first kind-of-boyfriend, who spontaneously combusted when she kissed him.

It doesn’t make sense as to why Luce ended up in a reform school and not a pysch ward. We’re not given explanations as to why the other kids are there, either (except for Penn, who attends because her father worked there). The kids Luce makes friends with don’t even seem bad in any way, just typically teenagers, even though the majority of them are fallen angels.
Some of them are GOOD fallen angels and some of them are BAD fallen angels (called demons). Now, I’m not religious, but even I know that there is no such thing as good fallen angels. Those who fell threw in their lot with Satan. Maybe they’re hoping God will allow them back into Heaven if they behave now that they’re fallen. I don’t think so.

We are given NO explanation of how the boyfriend BBQ fire starts, whether Luce had something to do with it (oh, it’s hinted that she was kind of responsible, but it never happens to any other boy she gets close to and it’s never explained exactly what happened) and don’t even get me started on how pissed off I am about the SECOND fire that randomly starts in the library as Luce and her weird friend Penn are stalking Daniel.
Luce is so superficial, she falls head over heels for a dick who obviously hates her, yet he also ends up falling in love with her because it’s ‘fate’. Meanwhile there’s hottie bad boy Cam who is supposed to confuse her and we KNOW is going to be the villain, it’s that obvious, but I was damn well rooting that Luce end up with him.

The secondary villain, Miss Sophia, is given absolutely NO foreshadowing for her abrupt betrayal, and her part in the story doesn’t even make sense.

After the whole book preparing us that Luce and Daniel being together was a very Bad Idea, yet also telling us the two were damned well meant to be, it was very anti-climactic when nothing happened when they kissed. And there was no explanation as to WHY nothing happened. All of Luce’s past lives exploded on account of being brought up religiously, and this life’s Luce, who is agnostic, doesn’t explode into a fiery pinnacle when she learns too quickly what Daniel is and how she fits in with it.

Luce is kept in the dark, and as the reader, we are kept in the dark as well. It’s a very frustrating experience.

Sense making = zero.

Torment wasn’t any better. Daniel was even more of a dick, Luce was a whiny stupid bitch (despite her precious 4.0 average) and her new school was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard of.

I honestly wish I had never read these books. It’s a very, very bad commentary on what’s gone wrong with YA since Twilight was released. Although I do not want to simply throw them out because I paid for them and the covers are pretty, I’m pretty sure I will only ever re-read these once just to confirm why I hate it so much (like I did with Twilight).