What I’m Working On II

I know it’s been a bit quiet for the last few days. That’s because I’ve been querying literary agents, editing some of the works-in-progress, and reading.

I’ve decided to query agents to see if there really is a place in the market for my fiction. I honestly don’t think there’s anything like Dadewalker already out there. This could be good or bad for the agents: it could be good because it’s fresh and original; it could be bad because it’s different to mainstream fantasy and paranormal and although I believe it will find readers, an agency might not necessarily feel the same way.

A blogger I follow, Ruth Ann Nordin, writes Christian romances where the husband and wife have sex, and there is a great market out there for that: just not in the traditional market.

“The secular market didn’t want Christian values thrown at them and the Christian market didn’t want sex thrown at them. If you can’t fill an existing niche, might as well make your own.”

She self-publishes and I believe is rather successful. I almost feel like Dadewalker just isn’t right for the market: that’s why I originally wanted to self-publish, and will do if my fears are confirmed.

If you like, I’ll share my rejection letters with you 😉 It’ll be fun! Everyone likes reading about bad stuff happening to other people.

I’ve been editing The Edge of Darkness, which disappoints me because I thought it was almost ready, and there’s still a lot of work to put into it. I’ve had a friend of mine who’s a voracious fantasy and YA reader help by going over some of my short stories. I got wonderful, perfect feedback from her so I’m still working on them. I’ve also re-opened and started editing (again!) Darkwalker, and totally fallen in love with it all over again. Dadewalker may be the first book and explore the theme of belonging, and different Fae cultures, but things really kick into gear in Book 2.

And I’ve been reading. It’s important to keep up with the reading aspect of being a writer. To write well, the most important thing you have to do is read. I’ve almost had enough of reading YA for the time being. I feel a call back to old-fashioned fantasy. Which is strange, because I’ve almost always been a little frustrated with what I’m reading. That’s why I started writing in earnest: the books I really, really wanted to read hadn’t been written yet.


8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On II

  1. caitlin says:

    Lissa – no harm in giving it a go with an agent! it’s all good experience no matter what. that’s what i’m doing. I’m planning on submitting Under A Starlit Sky to an indie publishing house – if it doesn’t work, oh well, there’s always self-publishing to fall back on! (thankfully! :)). And even the growth in popularity of e-books – i’ve noticed lots of indie/self-pub authors are doing the e-book thing. Me, i’m still wanting my book to be a physical thing people can hold, or that it can sit on the shelves in a bookstore.

    There’s ALWAYS somewhere in the market somewhere, for ANY kind of writing or story – whether its super mainstream, or totally out of the box, or something super original and unique and never thought of before! All it takes is persistence and getting someone to pick it up and champion it. And your stories sound so interesting that i’m sure someone will be interested! :).

    Oh gosh, sorry for the ramble! i’ll stop writing here…but don’t give up! All authors i’ve read about who were trying to get their books picked up had tons of failures/rejections until someone liked their stuff and GOT IT and ran with it! And that includes Stephen King who’s written like a million books! lol


    • Lissa says:

      Thanks a bunch Caitlin – please, feel free to ramble on whenever you want. All comments are welcome!
      I’ve wanted to read Under a Starlit Sky since last November! I wish you well on your endeavours as well.


  2. Rachel Russell says:

    Good luck, Lissa! I can understand your concern over whether any agents will be willing to pick up a story that isn’t exactly trending in the market at the moment. I suffer from the same thing since high fantasy isn’t exactly at the top of the totem pole when it comes to YA. It’s what I love though, and I decided long ago that I’d rather write what I love and fail than cater to the trends and hate what I’m writing.

    Which ever way you go, once you get your book out there, I’ll be sure to pick it up!


  3. Brenda Drake says:

    Good luck, Lissa, with the querying. I’d rather hear about your success because I feel like you probably will have many to tell! If it’s a good story, there will be a place for it. Keep going! 😀


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