Contest: Kiersten White’s Supernaturally

Kiersten White, author of Paranormalcy (which is at the very top of my wish-list and I am so desperate to read) is hosting a really fun competition on her blog, Kiersten Writes, in honour of the ever-closer release date of the sequel, Supernaturally.

The object is to write a FAKE synopsis for Supernaturally based on this  gorgeous poster:

Hop over to her blog to read the other entries.

The contest is one of those rare international ones, and because I’m so excited about Supernaturally’s release I’m posting my entry here, as well. The deadline is the 15th of June.

Sarah Walker has always been a natural blonde, but because of the stigma and the constant teasing of her classmates, she covered it up with crazy coloured hair dye. Even her sweet but dopey boyfriend, James, preferred her blue and green hair to her natural shade. She and the rest of her clique piled on the make-up and forced themselves to look like raccoons and act like buffoons to please their peers. She’s always thought it was a little stupid, hiding who you are to impress others.

Now Sarah has moved to a new town and a new school with her father and his new tax-man boyfriend. Sarah is sick of hiding who she really is, and vows to be accepted as a smart blonde. She’s washed off all the make-up and the hair dye. She’s ready to face the world – super-naturally.