What Do YOU Want To Read?

Hi Followers.

I noticed a big spike in readers and commenters when I  posted “When Did Gaston Become ‘The One’?”, which has quickly become my favourite post I’ve written so far. Other posts I got the most views/comments on are the blog contests posts “The Power of Tension” and “First 250 words of Dadewalker”. That, however, did not bring about a lot of returning readers – although I do know which ones of you are here because of those contests, and I thank you *waves enthusiastically*. My personal favourite, second only to the Gaston post, was “Authors Need Editors: Doctor Who as Author, Companions as Editors”, although that one wasn’t as popular as I had hoped it might be. Maybe because I was talking about a previous Doctor. I dunno.

imageI have a particular strength in taking two unrelated concepts and making them correlate. That’s what my Honours thesis was about: gender and power in two seemingly unrelated cross-dressing film versions of Shakespeare plays. The whole title is “Who Wears the Pants: Gender and Power in Trevor Nunn’s Twelfth Night and Michael Radford’s The Merchant of Venice“. That’s what I enjoy doing, and why the Gaston and Dr Who posts were my favourite to write – even though I still had to research what I was saying.

I have particular interests in Shakespeare, and gender roles and representation in media. I like to knit (but nothing fancy) and cook – although my partner does most of the cooking, I do bake a lot. I like video games, but I’m only a casual gamer. I’m a classically trained singer and I like musicals, symphonic metal, and Disney. If I ever went back to Uni to do my Masters or a PhD, I’d like to do it on the Disney Renaissance Princesses.image

Basically, I like other things apart from writing. But in trying to make this blog about things other than writing, I’m not sure where to turn. I don’t want to keep going on about my projects because quite frankly, that could get boring quickly, and when I’m editing three books and querying a fourth, there’s not much to talk about. I don’t want to seem desperate, only talking about my work.

So what do you, my lovely, gorgeous return readers, want to read about?

6 thoughts on “What Do YOU Want To Read?

  1. Archer says:

    I’d love to read what your thoughts are, comparatively speaking, of YA fiction from different nations. I.e. Artemis Fowl is Irish, The Old Kingdom is Australian, His Dark Materials is English and the Inheritance series is American. Just curious how you think the writing style/structures and use of language changes from one nationality/author to the next.


  2. Kathy says:

    Your thoughts on cactus juice does sound interesting.

    It’s so hard to know what to write, isn’t it… it’s something I think about a lot. It’s hard to find the balance between it being your personal blog, and writing something which will attract a audience. Some peope are very good at it, and are now pretty much celebrities in the blogosphere – seriously, sometimes they write the nothingest posts, and still get over 100 comments easily. I write one which I think is pretty darn good and perhaps get 4 comments and perhaps about another half dozen responses through other mediums (faebook, ravelry, in person).

    It’s all poop.

    I’d liked you Gaston post a lot, please write more about Disney Princesses!!!!!! =D


    • Lissa says:

      OK, definitely going to do more Disney Princess posts! It will give me an excuse to watch and discuss them with Archer. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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