Seven Deadly Sins Flash Fiction Challenge: Day Five: Wrath

7 deadly sins wrathLady Antimony is hosting a week-long  Seven Deadly Sins flash fiction challenge. It started on 07/07.

The premise of the challenge is as follows:
Seven Days
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Flash Fictions up to 100 words
Starting 7/7

Today is Wrath. Hatred and anger.

Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath

Like Tinker Bell, six year old Belinda only had room in her heart for one emotion at a time. So when her parents sent her to her room without dessert because she did not eat all of her vegetables, she wrought destruction on her belongings.

She yanked at her curtains until they fluttered to the ground. She smashed her mirror and threw all her books on the floor. She stomped on her dolls and threw her collection of boxes at the walls. She screamed in rage.

Her parents were furious. She would not get dessert for a very long time.


6 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins Flash Fiction Challenge: Day Five: Wrath

  1. David A Ludwig says:

    AWESOME! I love that you show wrath with a child’s temper-tantrum. That’s just perfect, and the comparison to Tinkerbell and only having one emotion at a time… Very awesome. This one was just fun to read, and totally easy to understand both from having been a child and seen children make a fuss. Awesome.


  2. Bryce Daniels says:

    Loved this read! Temper-tantrums are classic cases of wrath. Of course, I wouldn’t know on a personal basis, seeing as how I never threw one.

    Great job!


  3. Antimony says:

    Ahh, the old temper tantrum and still not getting what you want. Loved this, so innocent, yet furious!

    A x


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