Seven Virtues Flash Fiction Challenge: Day Two: Temperance

seven_virtue___temperance_by_pat7-d36b78hLady Antimony is hosting a week-long Repentance: The Seven Virtues flash fiction challenge.

The premise of the challenge is as follows:
Seven Days
Seven Virtues
Seven Flash Fictions up to 100 words
Starting August 7.
I cannot refuse this Disney themed Seven Virtues artwork from

The Seven Virtues are not as easily defined as the Seven Deadly Sins. Each virtue has a host of different meanings. So with my Seven Virtues, I’ll be defining which particular aspect of that Virtue I’m following.

Today is Temperance: Practising self-control, restraint.

I took her in my arms, and inhaled her scent. The warmth of her skin made me dizzy. My hands strayed from her waist to her back, but no lower. She shifted slightly, and the straps of her dress slipped from her shoulders. I wanted nothing more than to devour her, to possess her, to make her mine entirely. She belonged to me, after all: one half of my soul. I was hers completely. She was me. There was no longer any difference.

Except that I could not have her.

For she no longer belonged to me. Not any more.

To be continued…


20 thoughts on “Seven Virtues Flash Fiction Challenge: Day Two: Temperance

  1. Kathy says:

    I feel sorry for the poor bloke!
    Wonderful portrayal of self control.
    I have to admit, I sort of want to slap the clueless girl. And say something like this: “don’t you realise how much you tempt him when your clothes don’t stay put?!!”


      • Lissa says:

        “don’t you realise how much you tempt him when your clothes don’t stay put?!!” – Well, yes. I think this is only the second time ever I’ve written from a male’s POV. It sure is interesting. And that poor girl…
        LOL crazy Christmas tree.


  2. David A Ludwig says:

    I love that we shift from her perspective to his and remain Virtuous. This could very well be an ideal opening for Courtly Love, which as a fan of such I don’t see this needing the bad-ending others predict. But I suppose we shall see.


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