Seven Virtues Flash Fiction Challenge: Day Five: Patience


Lady Antimony is hosting a week-long Repentance: The Seven Virtues flash fiction challenge.

The premise of the challenge is as follows:
Seven Days
Seven Virtues
Seven Flash Fictions up to 100 words
Starting August 7.
I cannot refuse this Disney themed Seven Virtues artwork from

The Seven Virtues are not as easily defined as the Seven Deadly Sins. Each virtue has a host of different meanings. So with my Seven Virtues, I’ll be defining which particular aspect of that Virtue I’m following.

Today is Patience: Forbearance and endurance through moderation.

Perhaps if I were to wait for her, she could once more be mine. I could outlive anyone on the strength of my love for her. My love would drive me to live beyond my own natural years, in an effort to once more stand by her side. If I could outlive her suitor, I could once more claim her. She would come to me willingly, if I had the ability. If I could bear watching them together. If it was a sure thing, I would wait forever. I had faith in her. It was him I wasn’t so sure about.

To be continued…


16 thoughts on “Seven Virtues Flash Fiction Challenge: Day Five: Patience

    • Lissa says:

      Thanks a bunch! Two more to go! Sometimes I wish Heathcliff from the real Wuthering Heights was more like this and not such a bastard. I might actually crush on him, then. Alas! I like my version better. And it’s interesting writing about love from a man’s point of view.


  1. charitygirlblog says:

    Am loving popping by for my daily dose of this story!

    I’m with Rosie – that intensity has got to find an outlet. I read Wuthering Heights when I was too young and thought they were all ridiculous, then I read it when I was all hormonal and adolescent and loved it. I still love the atmosphere in it, but yep, Heathcliff is a nob.


  2. David A Ludwig says:

    “My love would drive me to live beyond my own natural years.” Is an absolutely beautiful line and captures the feeling so perfectly. I’m loving this interpretation of Heathcliff, and this is getting around to the really pure form of love I have highest respect for where there can be a happy ending where the character is content in their love even if they never get anything for it. Soon I’ll see if that’s the case here.


  3. Kathy says:

    I thought I’d commented on this, but obviously not. Perhaps I did on facebook?

    I love this: “She would come to me willingly, if I had the ability.” It’s so sad and so hopeful and so heart-touching.

    I’ve also been meaning to say how much I ADORE the artwork you’ve used.


    • Lissa says:

      Thanks, I came upon them by accident on Devianart. I couldn’t believe I found Virtuous Disney Princesses. It was so cool. Fits with my whole blog theme, too.


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