Kody Keplinger totally tweeted me

If you haven’t heard of Kody Keplinger, I suggest you get acquainted. She’s only like the coolest young adult author EVER. No, seriously you guys. Since most of my favourite authors are dead, I didn’t really have anyone to cyberstalk. Kody is going through that life-altering stage I went through when I learned about feminism at University. She’s written two books: The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)  (out now) and Shut Out (September 5). And she’s only 20!

Anyway, so y’all should know that my favourite contemp series is Vampire Academy. And I’m not really into vampires. In fact, I came to the series late, just before book 5 was due out. And the only reason I decided to buy the books was because the protag, Rose, well her best friend is called Lissa. I guess it’s a vanity thing. When no one over the age of 40 can pronounce my name, I get a bit protective of it.

So I really only discovered Kody when I read the blurb for Shut Out. It’s based on a Greek myth called Lysistrata, and in her modern re-telling, the protag is named Lissa.

Yeah, I know. It’s a totally awesome name. Kody thinks so, too.

Kody Keplinger totally tweeted me!


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