Tina Storm: Demon Hunter gets her own novel

When I first started writing the Tina Storm: Demon Hunter Paranormal Short Story Collection, it was basically an excuse to take a break from creating an entirely new world and mythology in The Innocence Saga and have a go at writing something based in reality. By based in reality I meant a normal teenage girl, a bit of an outsider, goes to school, hunts demons with her family, you know the usual kind of…

Oh yeah, that’s not normal. But I did use the opportunity to hammer out some short stories using creatures I wouldn’t normally write about: vampires, werewolves, fairies, djinni, ghosts. I love my short story collection. It’s going on sale in e-book format later this year, and I’ll consider turning it into a paperback but I’m aware it’s only a small book. My editor is working on it as I type.

A few nights ago as my future in-laws took hubs-to-be and I out for a meal to celebrate my 25th birthday, I got thinking about adding some extra stories into the collection to beef it up a bit. I couldn’t really think of any more paranormal tropes other than an ancient curse. The only thing I really wanted to write about was to expand a very badly written one act play I attempted when I was eighteen about a coven of witches. The idea wouldn’t fit into 5000 words, let alone 2000.

So Tina jumped into my head and demand I write her an entire urban fantasy novel about the time she and her mother infiltrated a witches’ coven.

I said, “Go to the back of the queue!”

Maybe that’s what I’ll write come November for NaNoWriMo. It’s either that or the first book of the second YA high fantasy I’m planning, with the three leads bound and gagged in the back of my head so they don’t bother me while I’m writing A Partridge in a Pear Tree. Although I rather like the idea of writing someone not high fantasy for Nano, because it’s out of my comfort zone, like I did with The Edge of Darkness.

Being an author is hard totally awesome.

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