Birthday Book Bonanza

I’ve been living in England away from the majority of my books back home in Australia for sixteen months now. Knowing that I will want to ship home any books I buy here in England (my visa is only for 24 months) I’ve really cut back on my book spending. I don’t remember the last book I bought, but I’m pretty sure it was in 2010. Divergent doesn’t count, because my hubs-to-be bought it for me Smile with tongue out.

So when I had my 25th birthday last Friday, I was pretty stoked with the stash I got. It’s all Young Adult, and some are debut novels which I’ve taken a particular interest in.


Angel novel. Debut. From my parents.


Zombie novel. Debut. From my parents.


Vampire spin-off from my favourite contemporary YA series, Vampire Academy, from my hubs-to-be.


YA novel… not sure yet if it’s urban fantasy or paranormal romance. It sounds pretty awesome – I follow the author on Twitter and she’s hilarious. Debut. From a friend in Australia.


This revolves around the work of Edgar Allan Poe, my favourite poet. I think it’s a paranormal. Debut. From a friend in Australia – this isn’t for sale in the UK just yet.


I am awaiting an ARC of this book from a bloggy friend, Penelope, from The Reading Fever – she’s the host of the Foreign Cover Friday bloghop I sometimes participate in. It’s a sci-fi.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Book Bonanza

  1. Masato Wolfe says:

    An interesting selection of books. Might have to take a look at that zombie novel. 🙂 I am sure that friend from australia wont mind if you publish his current alias on this post 😉


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