The Edge of Darkness now available on!

Today I did a search of myself on to see if The Edge of Darkness is available there yet, and guess what?


My beautiful book is available in paperback edition for purchase from


Now the book is available from

I’m going to figure out how to do a Kindle edition as well in the new few weeks, because although you can get a Kindle-friendly version from Smashwords, does have a bigger audience.


3 thoughts on “The Edge of Darkness now available on!

  1. Charlotte says:

    Congratulations Lissa!!!!

    Hey, we launched first novels in the same week. Joint blog party?

    By the way, I’ve just gone through the process of preparing a document to upload to Amazon for the kindle. I can recommend a couple of useful tutorials on doing your own html formatting if you like/need, let me know.

    In the meantime… party 😀


    • Lissa says:

      Sure thing, if I get stuck you’re the first person I’ll come to.
      This début novel thing is pretty awesome. We are pretty awesome.


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