Guest Interview: Suzanne Korb of Bang Out The Prose

imageYesterday Suz hosted my first guest interview on her blog, and today I’m returning the favour. We met due to the magic of Twitter: Suz is also an expat living in the UK – but she’s from the USA whereas I’m from Australia – and she also write YA fiction. And we both wear glasses! She’s kindly taken the time to answer some questions I had about her writing.
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Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you enjoy writing YA fiction.
I’m an expat of the USA now living in Britain. In 2009 I wrote a supernatural Chick Lit novel. That book turned out to be practice. When I started writing YA earlier this year, I realised this was my chosen genre. My own teen years were rebellious; I read trashy romance novels, joined an erotica writing group and led quite a debaucherous life! My adolescent years really shaped me into the writer I am today.
In my 20s I read many different genres whilst holding down writerly non-fiction day jobs. I’ve always practiced fiction writing over the years and as for the non-fiction day job, I’m now the Best of Malvern blog author.

Tell us more about your novel (plot, characters)
I’m writing a paranormal YA novel at the moment. But like most young adult books, it’s a crossover story that adults and younger readers can enjoy as well.

Do you remember the details of the first story you ever finished? Will you share it with us?
Yep, my first published short story is here, on the Boston Literary Magazine website. I was so pleased when my story was picked up!

Who are your favourite authors?
Derek Landy, J. K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, Meg Cabot and I’m sure there are many more. Notice how I answered this question straight away? I like what I like!

If Hollywood made a movie out of your novel, who would you like to see play your main character?
Chloe Moretz from the movie Kick-Ass would be perfect; when she turns 15.

Where do you get your ideas?
From my brain. Everything a writer experiences and reads contributes to the stories she tells. I’m a big fan of supernatural, magical and paranormal novels. I’m especially keen on Heaven and Hell, because in those make-believe worlds anything can happen!

Do you write one-off books or series?
The book I’m writing now is the first in an intended series. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a trilogy yet, or a trilogy of trilogies. What? Writing a series of 9 books is a piece of cake, right? lol


7 thoughts on “Guest Interview: Suzanne Korb of Bang Out The Prose

  1. Archer says:

    I don’t know if Suz will read this but I’d like to ask a couple questions…

    Why would Chloe Moretz be perfect for your lead when she turns 15?

    What is the actual plot of your novel?
    What makes it stand out from other YA paranormal tales?

    I’m just curious. Thank you.


  2. Suz says:

    Archer, I certainly have read your questions, and I appreciate them! I know my interview seems a bit vague right now, but all will be revealed closer to when my book gets published later this year. Thanks for your interest!


  3. Doug says:

    “dougfromfacebook” would like to know when she will be visiting the U.S. again and if she’ll be visiting Maryland when she does?


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