New layout and an awesome update!

To celebrate the release of The Edge of Darkness, I’ve changed the layout of my blog to one I feel is more appropriate for a sci-fi author. Not that I really think of myself as just a sci-fi author, but because that’s the genre of my first book, I’m gonna run with it. It’s shiny and I love it. The book and the blog.

Also, in the most awesomest news ever, on Sunday night I sent off a few queries of Dadewalker using my new shiny query letter, the one that I spent ages writing and re-writing and tweaking. Yesterday – as in one day later – I got a request from one of the agents to look at a partial. That’s the first 50 pages and a synopsis.

It’s so exciting I want to shake the internet and yell, “ARE YOU LISTENING?”


8 thoughts on “New layout and an awesome update!

    • Lissa says:

      Thanks, Penelope! I’m pretty happy with the new layout as well, well as happy as I can be on a non-self-hosted site. I hear Blogger is more flexible than though.


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