Bonjour, Girl! A Snarky Look At ‘Belle’ (Beauty and the Beast)

This video is currently making the rounds of the Disney world. Enjoy!

‘Belle’ from Beauty and the Beast like you’ve never heard it before.

There are so many great things to quote from this. My favourite is,


What’s your favourite quote? Do you think that Belle is really thinking all those things, and she’s just too polite to say anything? Come to think of it, how would YOU react if the villagers of your weird small provincial town started following you and singing about you every morning?


4 thoughts on “Bonjour, Girl! A Snarky Look At ‘Belle’ (Beauty and the Beast)

  1. Archer says:

    I don’t think Belle would think all those things… purely because it’s meant to be what 16-1700’s? People were a lot more… civil back then. If people here in Birkenhell started singing at me when I went outside I’d probably do them an injury just because they’re blatantly tripping balls on something.


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