They Googled WHAT?!

On Twitter I regularly tweet the spam I get here on my blog. I’ve decided to do a post about some of the weird search terms that have led people here as well. Sometimes I just think to myself, ‘They Google WHAT?!’

Perverted Disney – I wish I was making this crap up

snow white necrofilia
f word in little mermaid cover
princess fucking with seven dwarfs
disney princess gone bad
beast fucking beauty fantasy
trashy disney princesses

Feminism – I’m so proud these people came to my blog

dude in distress in tv series – When you figure out what it is, let me know!

woman rescues man – This is my sort of thing!

Storytelling – Because it’s a writing blog, duh!

a story where a character writes something – Can’t help you there, mate.

princess diaries queen clarisse fanfiction – Oh my gosh, I should totally take part in this!

Random – I… just…. I have no words.

sims parents on fire/sims on fire – Dude. Sadistic much? Set fire to your own Sims, don’t go looking for someone else’s pictures.

happy unicorn farts – I hope you found what you were looking for.

throwing babies – GET OUT OF MY BLOG. OUT. NOW.

i feel like am fighting a losing battle – Me too mate, me too.


12 thoughts on “They Googled WHAT?!

  1. Archer says:

    Depending on the post it links to it could be Zachary Levi in Chuck for “dude in distress in tv series – When you figure out what it is, let me know!”

    As for “sims parents on fire/sims on fire”… after watching you play The Sims, you aren’t quite that sadistic but you do do some nasty things to your sims lol.


    • Lissa says:

      Oi! The fire was an accident. I try to be nice to my generation Sims – you’ve caught me being mean to my Breed Out The Ugly Sim in an attempt to make the game more interesting.


  2. lariatsandlavender says:

    Oh my goodness! O.o Though I sorta like the Beast and Beauty fantasy idea, bwahahaha!

    Also, you took part in the Breed Out The Ugly game?! I was looking that up and laughed my head my head off. Some of those poor Simmies! @.@


    • Lissa says:

      I’m currently taking part. I’m just waiting for my second generation to grow up. But it’s complicated, because my Ugly Sim wanted to be a gold digger so I had her seduce a rich man and convince him to leave his wife, but the wife had just given birth, so I moved everyone into the mansion and kicked the wife out, then I decided to add drama by having the husband seduce the pretty maid but he couldn’t invite her to move in because it was a romantic relationship and the only thing he can do is propose and he’s already married, so I had to befriend her with my Ugly Sim and ask her to move in, and she asked her if she was single and that’s tantamount to cheating, so now all three of them are mad at each other and jealous because there’s this weird relationship going on and I’m trying to get the maid pregnant because I believe she would have a really cute baby. Then i have to kill the husband to get the Gold Digger lifetime wish. This is why Archer says I do nasty things to my Sims.


  3. Charlotte says:

    Not sure what’s more disturbing, the perverted Disney search phrases or your weird and really twisted Sims love triangle.

    Okay, I am sure which is weirder. But the Sims sadism is pretty harsh too.

    (I had no idea you could do such crazy stuff with the latest Sims game…)


    • Lissa says:

      Oh great, now you think I’m crazy because I torture my Sims. Well, you’re a writer too my dear, so you should know better than most how there isn’t a story without some conflict! That’s all I’m doing, creating conflict to keep myself entertained. We do it when we write as well 😀


  4. Kathy says:

    “princess diaries queen clarisse fanfiction – Oh my gosh, I should totally take part in this!”


    Some of the random ones are so funny, and I can see how they found this blog! Though I can’t think of what post the throwing babies (which is DISTURBING) search linked to.


  5. Penelope says:

    Yikes! Those Disney princess search terms give me the creeps! You would think that there is enough porn from real people on the internet that people wouldn’t want to search for animated stuff….

    Anyway, the Queen Clarisse fan fiction? YES!!


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