The Innocence Saga Does My Little Pony

I’m participating in this totally cute Custom My Little Pony contest hosted by Rebecca Enzor. The winner will receive their very own custom My Little Pony!

Yeah, I don’t care that I’m 25. I wrote a My Little Pony fanfiction ten years ago and it was one of the first longer-than-short-stories I’d ever actually finished. Looking back, it is still horrifically bad, (it’s tucked away in my ‘Never to see the light of day’ folder) but authors need to get all the bad writing out of their system before they write good stuff. Think of it as training.

Now, because I’m international I can’t actually enter the contest but I have been thinking about Pony-fying some characters from my young adult high fantasy series The Innocence Saga (currently consisting of Dadewalker, Darkwalker, and Book 3 whose title is currently a secret). I’ve chosen not to pony-fy Max from my published novel The Edge of Darkness simply because she’s a cyborg and therefore half machine. Anyway, doing Dadewalker characters is totally fun because there are six different Fae races with their own colouring and cultures!

Check the rule out here. This will be a blog hop and the winner will be announced by voting. Once again I remind you I am not actually entering the contest, but I would still totally love some comments.


Banshee pony

This is a representation of a banshee. Our heroine, Innocence, is actually a mix of all six races, but because banshees have genetic dominance over all the other races, she looks like a banshee. Banshees are tall, graceful, beautiful snow-white skin-and-haired amazon warriors/sirens, and they are almost always women (boys are extremely rare and only one has ever lived to manhood: Innocence’s father, Maggrig). Their element is ice and they usually reside in the Southern Wastes. They are shunned because they are soul stealers, although some banshees have managed to become ‘civilised’ and live and work in the cities as law enforcers and general security. I gave her a sharp unicorn horn because I believe they would use it in fighting.

Gnomegnome pony

This is a representation of a gnome, and earth is their element. Gnomes are dark-skinned, dark-haired and live hidden away in the mountains because of their secondary power, alchemy. Hundreds of years ago, when the Tor humans invaded from the north, they tried to take by force the gnome stronghold Nasri Uan, which was made entirely of gold. The gnomes turned their home to stone, sank the land bridge so the humans couldn’t call for reinforcements, and buried themselves deep underground. They are extremely timid and rare creatures and barely ever come aboveground. The last known recorded sighting was Innocence’s great-grandfather.


nymph pony

This is a representation of a nymph. Nymphs are tall and completely golden from their hair to their skin, and use plant extracts to decorate their bodies and curly hair. Nymphs have an affinity with life itself and are the healers of the world, with the ability to encourage plant growth. Highly sought after by humans, they are often taken as slave-healers for the Tor war effort. Their souls are linked with a special tree that mirrors their longevity: if the tree dies, so does the nymph. This means that most nymphs live in forests. This nymph here is looking for a flower.


salamander pony

This is a representation of a salamander, the super-powered fire-enhanced western desert race. Their skin and hair are red and they are the complete opposite of the banshees society-wise. While banshees value women, salamanders value strength and therefore the only people who can be tribe War Chief are men. There is one exception: a female War Chief whose role is hereditary due to an ancient civil war. As you can see our salamander is shorter and stockier than the other ponies. He has Sokka’s wolf’s tail and Katara’s hair loopies in tribute to Avatar: The Last Airbender. He also has antlers because I believe in pony form the men would fight for dominance much like stags would.


sylph pony

This is a representation of a sylph. Sylphs have an affinity for air and can astral project, so I’ve given her wings because in a way, she can fly. This is actually a representation of Innocence’s grandmother, Verity, who is a full-blood sylph. She’s got grey in her hair and I tried to make her look a little older. Sylphs each have a totem, and animal-shaped guide, guardian, and companion because the ancient tradition of a sylph is that they are mortal but soulless. I took it one step further and gave them their own soul, but in a separate body. Innocence has a totem: his name is Tagodan and his favourite form to take is the fox. Sylphs are nomads and therefore roam all over the country.


undine pony

This is a representation of an undine, the water-loving clairvoyants. Undines can predict the future using pure undine-channelled water. They are very paled-skinned with blue-black hair. Their society elects their leaders per coven: one male and one female. There are twelve covens, each residing close to an Ivory Tower (actually made of white quartz) on the east coast where the most powerful undines store their prophecies in vials of magical water. In Dadewalker, the human invaders the Alida destroy the two most southern towers, therefore destroying Innocence’s prophecy before she has a chance to view it. This undine representation has a unicorn horn because they can see the future.

So there we have it. Six unique races. Six unique My Little Ponies. What do you think, peeps? Now ladies and gentlefolk, indulge me for just a moment. I’m experimenting with PollDaddy and I’d love to know your opinion. Which pony is your favourite?  Please expand upon your answer in the comments below.

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  1. Rebecca Enzor says:

    I LOVE these ponies! 😀 You did such a great job with them, poses and colors and all. And I loved reading more about your book and the different races! Thanks for playing along 🙂


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