So I started a new novel…

It’s called The King’s Phoenix and it’s another young adult high fantasy. I wrote a measly seven thousand words and was on a roll until I hurt my neck and found it too painful to sit at my desk and type. I lay on the floor with pillows for three days, unable to move much for the first two. The novel languished, although its plot spread through in my head, and now I don’t particularly feel like going back.

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It’s a trap I often fall into. I feel the same way about my bed time. I love writing like I love sleeping. They’re both very good for me and extremely therapeutic. I love my comfy bed and really look forward to sleeping in it, especially with my man snuggled next to me. But I don’t go to bed until quite late. I forget how much I love sleeping in my very comfortable and inviting bed. The same way that I forget how much I love writing until I’m actually doing it. When I take a break it takes me forever to get back into it because I think, “Oh gosh, I need to write a 50K or 70K word novel and it’s such a huge undertaking and I’d rather faff about on the internet and not do anything.”

Well, that’s a lie. On Thursday I grit my teeth, sat through the pain, and published the first Tina Storm short story, The Calm Before The Storm, on Smashwords.

So I lay on the floor with my pillows and had a Butterfly Effect movie marathon (those films are really awesome) and I read Wuthering Heights and I painted my fingernails and hubs and I worked out that the pipe in our kitchen needed fixing so my father in law came to fix it and we went out for dinner for my mother in law’s birthday.

Yesterday was the second day I could sit at my computer without pain and I still didn’t add to my word count.

And now that I’ve written a rare personal post, I think I will get back to the novel so that I can once again call myself a writer.


6 thoughts on “So I started a new novel…

  1. Ermilia says:

    Good luck writing your novel. It’s a huge commitment. If you ever need review, come drop by our blog. We write fantasy so we’re always up to write a review on fantasy novel to keep up with what’s going on in the genre.


  2. Caitlin McColl says:

    Good luck with your new WIP! it sounds an awesome premise! glad to hear you’re feeling better with your neck! (ouch! 😦 ).

    I read your Tina Storm short story btw and loved it!!!


    • Lissa says:

      Although it was more than a week ago, I’m still not completely recovered. I’m still fleshing my WIP, it’ll probably be my next project after NaNo.


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