They Googled WHAT?! (2)

On Twitter I regularly tweet the spam I get here on my blog. Sometimes I do a post about some of the weird search terms that have led people here as well. Sometimes I just think to myself, ‘They Google WHAT?!’

Perverted Disney – I wish I was making this crap up

deadly & sexy disney princess
megara breasts
“beauty and the beast” “sexy feather duster”
disney princess having sex
disney nala zombie
gaston’s stinky feet

Feminism – I’m so proud these people came to my blog

girl toughness – yeah, baby! More search terms like this.

Storytelling – Because it’s a writing blog, duh!

who is on the cover of bloodlines by richelle mead – that would be Sydney Sage, the protagonist.

Random – I… just…. I have no words.

pedantic prick – why do people keep coming back to this?!

ass bending – some new Avatar: The Last Airbender power?

afraid to kiss a girl – well, you should know that girls bite.

lord help me be the person my dog thinks i am – I suppose this is supposed to be some kind of inspiration, but really, how the heck did you reach my blog?


7 thoughts on “They Googled WHAT?! (2)

  1. Melbourne on my mind says:

    That’s a little disturbing… I usually just get people Googling ‘ninjabread men’ and ‘Colonel Brandon Sense and Sensibility’, which leads them to my Alan Rickman post, which makes me happy!


  2. Penelope says:

    I’m still laughing at “gaston’s stinky feet.” Lol. Sooo disgusting. That dog one at the end is funny, too. Exactly what answer were they hoping to find?


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