NaNoWriMo Day 8: The Other Side Is Shiny

Word count goal: 13,336

Achievement: 13,755

I’ve been freaking out over the past few days because I reached the point in my writing where I tend to put things aside. But I have good news! I beat through that horrible point where it was like trying to walk through molasses.  I put aside four novels earlier this year (well, technically one was a novella) because of this stupid molasses-point, but I broke though it! And I cam through shiny on the other side.

Tina and Tengu didn’t make it to their date. I sent Tina to school and she had a run in with Chelsea who’s dating Lachlan the hottie patottie, and turned into kind of a bully. Then I sent Tina to physics class hoping to send her to detention but she refuses to do anything that will get her in trouble like that! So I had to trick her. In physics class they were playing with a Van der Graaf generator, those big ball thingies that create static electricity. I barely remembered what it was like playing with one when I went to high school, so I spent about half an hour talking with hubs who has a diploma in forensics science so he’s done all this physics/chemistry/biology classes that I didn’t take in college but Tina is taking. They say ‘write what you know’ and I know nothing about the generator. So I had to research. And then I wrote a scene about what happened in the classroom when Tina accidentally reveals she’s not exactly normal.

It’s not a detention, which quite frnakly I wasn’t very happy with being my first peak point in the novel, so instead it’s come off as more of an accidental exposure issue.

If you can’t tell by the tone of this entry I’m quite jubilant, and rather happy that the novel is progressing. Hopefully I will get around to the Tina/Tengu date tomorrow! Those two need to get it on! (I might not be so happy tomorrow because I have to write romance and I’m not very good at it.)


9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 8: The Other Side Is Shiny

  1. Caitlin McColl says:

    Yay! Congrats! I’m at molasses points in some areas of my story – which is 4 separate stories that are all going on simultaneously that will interconnect at some point – it seems thats how i like to write novels – interesting but kinda annoying all the jumping back and forth between threads – but its a good way to move on if i get stuck with one part! It’s not helping that i’m feeling totally shite and today and yesterday were big struggles to get the words out… but also something else to be happy about Lissa – you’ve delayedTIna’s big date a day! and therefore added more words than might not have been originally planned! (you said previously you’re a big planner/plotter, right?)


    • Lissa says:

      Yeah I am a big planner, but I don’t have anything planned for the next 10K words except to develop the relationship with the two boys while keeping her friendship with her bestie and trying to keep her parents out of the loop. And maybe a demon hunt.

      It’s awesome you write so many different stories at once. I’ve even considered opening up one of my WIP to tackle alongside the NaNoNovel. I think it’s a great idea.


  2. Caitlin McColl says:

    well it sounds like you have a lot to go on for the next 10k anyway! and its great you and Adam are writing Nano together so you can help each other through the thorny or molasses-y parts! tomorrow is the weekly write-in in my area so i’m hoping that’ll help spur me on!


  3. Caitlin McColl says:

    Thanks! you can’t afford it? but write-ins don’t cost anything…? (at least here – unless you want a coffee or something as they’re usually at coffee shops). Mine has moved to a greasy spoon diner (not a cool ’50s kind unfortunately lol) that has cheap all day breakfast and coffee for only $3! (just under 2 pounds for both things!)


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