NaNoWriMo Day 10: Demon Hunters In Action

Word Count Goal: 16,670

Achievement: 18,600 (2016 today)

Now I know why nothing much happens in the first half of Twilight. SMeyer is too busy developing the relationship to develop a plot. And I don’t care what anyone says: Bella is dull enough and Edward overprotective enough to develop a realistic relationship in such a short amount of time. Nothing else happens.

I looked back over my bookcase of books I’ve acquired in the last year to see if any can help me.

Now, I’m stuck here unable to do research because I gave away my copy of the most stupid insta-love I’ve ever seen that made me want to stick my finger in my eye and wiggle it around my brain: Fallen. All I have left to turn to to inspire me is Nevermore, Matched and Paranormalcy, and I have issues with each of them. Fire and Unearthly both developed their romances more slowly and it was much more believable, but I want Tina to be in a romance before the end of the book. In Shiver and Glow, the couples were pretty much already in love, so they don’t help me. In Divergent and Graceling, the romances were secondary to the story and not romances I could be very supportive of or want to think of as my inspiration.

So, guess what? I have to try and develop this romance all on my lonesome. I think I need more time than just November to be able to do that. I will be working on this novel for a few months afterwards for sure.

Anyway, today’s writing was easy because it revolved around Tina actually demonstrating some demon hunting skills in a demon club Tengu took her to. I’m still trying to develop the romance but I think I need to add some things into the back story so it doesn’t just seem like Tina face noms Tengu on her second date. I’ve also started referring to Tengu as Ten, which amuses me because Veronica Roth had a guy nicknamed Four in Divergent. I keep thinking that there’s a joke somewhere there about guys’ names that are numbers.



4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 10: Demon Hunters In Action

  1. Melbourne on my mind says:

    Sudden and very random thought: wedding ceremonies should be updated to say “You may now face nom the bride.”

    I had something else that was vaguely relevant to say, but then I thought of that, and now I can’t stop laughing long enough to remember what the other thing was…


  2. Penelope says:

    The most stupid insta-love I’ve come across is in Carrier of the Mark. Really. Insta-love like you’ve never seen before! Anyway, I’m not being helpful. I can’t think of any books right now that might help (it’s waaaay too late for my mind). But if I do, I’ll be back.


    • Lissa says:

      The insta-love is actually a lot harder for me to write than I’d like to accept. I think because I want it to seem realistic. Which is weird, really, because often the insta-love isn’t.


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