NaNoWriMo Day 11: Building The Romance

Word Count Goal: 18,337

Achievement: 20,339

Spent the word count today developing Tina and Ten’s relationship. I don’t mind spending the next 10K or so words on it, tossing in some things about the major plot point (the witches, or most probably Lachlan, even though he isn’t as yet, the Big Bad) and the sub plot (Sarah). The Bleak Mid-Way Point was scheduled to be 23K words but Tina and Ten have only been on two dates and she hasn’t even told him about Noah yet, so I’m happy to push it back a bit. I don’t mind if this book ends up over 50K. There’s some friction between her parents and other demons which I’d like to explore in more detail. I’ve also started hinting that maybe Lachlan isn’t all that trustworthy, which I think is going to be a lot of fun to play out. I really enjoy writing non-POV characters with ulterior motives that the MC seems oblivious about – whether it’s because she’s blinded by his good looks or a magic spell or is simply in denial.

Also, I’ve listened to Nightwish’s Storytime 100 times now, and to a piano cover version I downloaded 10 times. I’ve got this song on the brain. I love the use of the orchestra – especially the horn section.


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