NaNoWriMo Day 13: My First Excerpt “Nerd Power”

Word Count Goal: 21,671

Achievement: 23,797

Storytime Listen Count: 119

Setting the scene: College. Tina’s falling under Lachlan’s spell. Chelsea’s not happy about this and isn’t afraid to hurl the insults. Sarah is Tina’s best friend and usually a demure actress with Broadway in her future. Connor is the nerdy male witch from the coven Tina’s infiltrating.

Before Chelsea could finish what she was saying, Sarah got to her feet, calmly walked around the corner of the table, and punched her in the face. I leapt to my feet as Chelsea grabbed at her nose.
“You rotten slag!”
“Sarah!” I shouted. I was supposed to be the one defending her, not the other way around. Connor threw himself between the two girls as Chelsea went for Sarah’s golden hair.
“Chelsea!” he snarled. “Remember what I have on you. Leave us alone. You came here looking for a fight and you got one.”
“I want to tear her fucking head off!” Chelsea spat, though I wasn’t sure if she was talking about Sarah or me. Blood dripped from her nose. Quick as a flash – which surprised me, because generally nerds aren’t really known for their blazingly fast reflexes or physical skills – Connor snatched his hand forward and back again, tight to his chest. I peered closer to see what he’d caught. He backed away, and Chelsea’s eyes opened wide.
“You wouldn’t.” Her voice had changed from raging to pleading. I went to stand next to Sarah and we watched Connor as he slowly opened his fingers, revealing a large drop of her blood nestled on his palm.
“Try me.”


8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 13: My First Excerpt “Nerd Power”

  1. Emilia Quill says:

    You caught my attention. 🙂 Like that the nerd isn’t powerless for a change.

    I too have to say that you’re good at violence, and helping me get over my anxieties about it. I still have a relative’s suggestion to down the violence in my head.


    • Lissa says:

      I’m glad I’m helping you get over your anxieties. I find that the best way to write is to write as if no one’s going to read it. You lose your inhibitions. Then I simply forgot sex or violence was even in my book LOL. I used to be so weird about writing violence and sex when I was a teen, but I think experience and age has granted me wisdom and has helped somewhat. I’m dreading to hear what my mother’s got to say after she reads the Edge of Darkness. She’ll probably think she’s raised a sadistic monster.


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