NaNoWriMo Day 14: The Mid-Way Point

Word Count Goal: 23,338

Achievement: 25,506

Storytime Listen Count: 126

I barely even know where my word count went today. I finished off the confrontation with Chelsea, Connor revealed some important plot things to Tina, and then Tina got ready for her date with Lachlan while going a little crazy. It doesn’t sound very interesting but I haven’t told you everything because if I did, you wouldn’t want to read the book. Basically I ended one scene and set things up for the second peak, which I’ve only been looking forward to writing since I started plotting the book and is basically the whole reason the book even exists! So the word count was really flying today and I could keep going except that I’ve made the bare minimum, left it at a part that I can’t wait to start writing tomorrow, and my fiancée is patiently waiting for cuddles because he finished his words earlier than me.

All I will add is that I’ve reached the halfway point, and I’m pretty sure this novel is going to write itself above 50K words. Which is good for me! I want it to be at least 60K. Also, I’ve considered changing the opening scene from a fully-fledged family demon vanquish to an earlier time when Tina received her capacitor cuff that forbids her from using her lightning vanquish because of the events that happened in Weather The Storm. I’m toying with the idea, but I’m just not sure if a) it’s an interesting enough opening scene compared to an awesome demon hunt and b) people can put 2 and 2 together and not complain that I didn’t add something that I myself found boring enough not to want to write it in the first place!

I also need to add that reaching 25K was a lot easier than getting through that 10K barrier that stopped four novels this year before this one! Once NaNo’s over I am tackling those books again so I have more material to put out next year and 2013.