NaNoWriMo: Day 18: Another Violent Scene

Word Count Goal: 30,006

Achievement: 33,026

Soundtrack: Assassin’s Creed Revelations Soundtrack.

I’ve done it again. A little bit of violence, and hoping that Tina doesn’t come off as a victim. It’s one of the things I’m most desperate to avoid in all of my writing: my women are never victims, even when violence is perpetrated against them. And because I tend to write warrior-type women: ninja cyborgs, elemental sorceresses, and now a demon hunter, they often get at least one and often two violent episodes per novel. Sometimes they get knocked about: I don’t like making them perfect, so they do get hit about and they never come up perfectly clean with every hair in place. They do come up, though, because they’re tough.  And even though my women are good warriors, sometimes there’s nothing you can do against a particular assailant if they get you in just the right place. I’ve learned this from wrestling with my hubby, who is by far the strongest man I know. Even he’s helpless sometimes against me *wink wink*.

Every time I think I’m about to start writing the party scene I realise I need to do something just before it. So I’m still not at it just yet. Which is fine by me. I know I’m developing things, weaving things together, giving Tina and Lachlan more character. And I know why there’s a party going on, too. Someone very important to the plot and to Tina is in charge of it, and Tina’s going to learn a few things before the night is through. I can’t wait to write more about Tina and Sarah’s friendship, and the part when Ten comes crashing through a window to save her? I’ve been aching to get to it. Even a tough girl needs a friend or two to rely on every so often.


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