NaNoWriMo Day 19: When Heroines Fight Back Against The Hot Asshole

Word Count Goal: 31,673

Achievement: 34,727

Soundtrack: Nada

Sometimes I wonder where my word count goes. 1667 per day doesn’t seem enough when I’m really getting in to something. But it’s a good place to stop because I have other things I need to do, like finish a galley and start critiquing a manuscript for a friend that’s relying on me.

And like I said yesterday, every time I think I’m nearly at the blood magic party, something happens that adds drama and conflict and I can’t quite get there yet because what I’m writing is setting it all up and is so full of awesome. Like today, when Tina punched Lachlan in the face for being an asshole (yay #teamniceboy!). And in fact, I only really wrote about 1K worth of that part because earlier in the day I suddenly saw Tina confessing to Ten that she’d been the one to stake Noah and I had to write 500-ish words worth of that scene down, even though it’s not due to take place until after the party.

Eh, you take what you can get when you’re a writer. I used to write sporadically, all over the place. I’ve tried to train myself into being a more linear writer and for the most part it’s worked. I occasionally get snatches of conversation I need to write down and save for later.

I might come back and write some more after I’ve finished my book. I’ve been looking forward to the party scene so much now I’m quite scared anything I write on the page won’t stand up to what I see in my head.


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 19: When Heroines Fight Back Against The Hot Asshole

  1. Caitlin McColl says:

    Building up a scene in your head and anticipating it for so long and then being scared that when it actually comes to writing it, it won’t live up to what you’re expecting/wanting – i’ve had that happen! its awful! and makes me procrastinate and do anything to delay writing it!

    glad your story is so full of awesome so far! it sounds great! i really love the character you’ve developed in Tina Storm and how she is in your short stories (which are great and lots of fun! and LOVE all the titles btw! :D).

    I usually write linearly but i was just in the shower and thought of an AMAZING scene that won’t happen for a little bit but now i’m gonna have to write it down (probably just put lots of space in my Word doc and then write it and then wait for my story to catch up to it! I have an awesome image in my head…its now just trying to get it down on the page so its not over the top/cliche/ridiculous!


  2. Lissa says:

    Thanks very much for your kind words – and I love it when the shower thing happens! That’s basically what I did with the part I had to write today. I know it will insert nicely somewhere down the track.


  3. Caitlin McColl says:

    i’ve written most of the scene now and its one of the best ones in the novel so far (IMO of course!). and i’d love to write more but can’t give it the time it deserves tonight cuz we’re going out shortly 😦 (boo!).


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