NaNoWriMo Day 24: More Blood: Magic And Danger

Word Count Goal: 40,008

Achievement: 44,422

Soundtrack: Nightwish

I didn’t write a post yesterday because by the time I finished my words I didn’t want to miss a documentary on the television and I can never concentrate on writing a post when there’s something I want to watch on! Considering I don’t watch much TV that’s okay.

Well, Tina had quite a fun time yesterday and today. I’ve been watching the Scream movies with my partner so I know for a fact that when someone I didn’t expect picked up a butcher’s knife and came at Tina trying to stab her that that’s exactly where the influence came from! Tina’s rescued Sarah from Chelsea and taken her revenge on the little bully by embracing her inner mean girl. Some scenes were a little shorter than I thought they would be, but then I was influenced to add in something extra because it’s a building block for something that needs to happen later that I’m looking forward to writing as well.

Whoever said keeping all this inside my head was easy lied!

I also can’t decide who should die – because basically I kill off important characters in books ALL THE TIME and at first I was all like, oh no, no one’s going to die in this book because it’s YOUNG ADULT and then I realised people die in young adult books all the time! *coughthehungergames*cough* –  and my brain is being all tricky and making me think some good guys are bad guys and some bad guys are in fact good guys! It’s okay for me not to know at this point in time while I’ve just started wondering, but I need my brain to sort everything out before I get to the climax! I’m writing with way too many exclamation points but I went to the library today and fell in love with it even if the Young Adult section was practically non-existent! So I’m a little high on books.


the end.


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    • Lissa says:

      LOL. I’m reading a book that is breaking my heart and making me want to give up writing because I can never be as awesome. Libraries suck! They give me access to all these wonderful books!


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