Life Changing Events: Why I’ve Been Absent For A Week

And no, I haven’t done any writing.

I finished NaNo last Sunday, officially won it at midnight on Wednesday, and I was prepared to do some more words on The Oncoming Storm late last week, but something amazing happened that changed my life.

On Thursday my partner was granted his spouse visa to Australia. It’s subsequently thrown me a little off schedule.

We’ve been waiting to hear back for several months, and we didn’t expect to hear for a few months more. We’re planning on moving to Australia early next year, when the inevitable English snow has melted (hopefully).

Two days later it was my partner’s birthday and we’ve kind of been having this massive celebration for his birthday and his visa approval and trying to see all our friends and contact all our family and preparing for Christmas (they get you early in the UK!)… it’s been a tiring but extraordinarily happy time.

So I’ve not been online very much at all, let alone had time for writing.

Who else had a life-changing event in the last week?


15 thoughts on “Life Changing Events: Why I’ve Been Absent For A Week

  1. Suz says:

    Oh congratulations! But you guys are leaving the UK? Don’t go! lol.

    How long have you been living in England? When I first moved to this country from the USA I wanted nothing more than to move back home for years. I almost didn’t come back from vacation to America in 2003. I seriously had to force myself onto the plane! Now? England is my home. Cynical Brits up in my face & all 😉


  2. Palm Trees & Bare Feet says:

    That’s such good news Lissa! I too had to wait months for my student visa to come so I could move to Spain and live and study with my Spanish boyfriend. Just waiting for that is so hectic and stressful so I know how happy you must be that your partner obtained his visa for Australia. Congratulations on that!



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