I haven’t abandoned you

Things have slowed down a lot here since NaNo ended. What with appearing on Gina’s blog a couple of times and everything being a bit crazy in my house since we found out we’re moving to Australia next year, helping some mates move house while still trying to keep up with my reading as advised by Stephen King (who says every writer should read every day)… I’ve lost my routine.

I’ve been writing reviews of books on Goodreads and it took me several days to write one for Hush, Hush because I’ve not been home and I need to have my bum on the chair to write. So while I’ve not been active here on the blog, I have been active in other areas.

I wrote a blog post available on Goodreads about a trolling author who’s been bullying some friends of mine.

That, and I got my hands on the Pirates and Nobles expansion pack for The Sims Medieval, and seeing as how I’m a high fantasy writer at heart, that game can actually fall under the category of ‘inspiration’.

However I haven’t abandoned you. I’m working on some new releases with my fabulous cover artist. I’ll be releasing The Archive of Lost Dreams on Smashwords soon, and Storm Front (and The Archive of Lost Dreams bundled together) on Amazon. So I’m sure you can forgive me for a lack of blogging when there’s going to be some new stories coming out, right?


One thought on “I haven’t abandoned you

  1. Penelope @ The Reading Fever says:

    I’m heading over to read the post on Goodreads (bullies suck!), but I just wanted to say that The Archive of Lost Dreams sounds fascinating, and that of course we forgive you! At least I do…I guess I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m pretty sure everyone understands. 🙂


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