Hey, Look! A New Book!

I’m so awesome at rhyming.

The Archive of Lost Dreams and other paranormal tales is now available on Smashwords and, as a bonus, also on Goodreads (where I will shortly be adding the Storm Front short stories as well)!


Also – there’s another gorgeous cover! Whatever would I do without my wonderful cover artist? I don’t know.

I love it to bits. It’s so elegant and old-timey (wimey).

This Tenth Doctor gif is inserted purely for the viewing pleasure of Archer and Melbs. You’re welcome.

Brief synopsis:

Four short paranormal tales.

The Archive of Lost Dreams: a little girl discovers the importance of dreams and wishes.

Roses Are Red: Nineteen year old Loren meets her guardian angel who is struggling with jealousy issues.

Don’t Even Peep: Eight year old Susan investigates the secrets in her Victorian home.

Round, Round The Fairy Ring: Seven year old Abigail’s new baby sister is replaced with a fairy changeling.


Go add the book to Goodreads and read the preview on Smashwords and buy it if you have a spare 99c!


8 thoughts on “Hey, Look! A New Book!

  1. Melbourne on my mind says:

    I love you so much for including that. Seriously. ❤

    I also love the cover!! So preeeeeeeeetty… It's definitely going on my "get copy of when have Christmas money from Grandma to burn" (<– that made me sound way more like a six year old than I'd intended…….) list!


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