Storm Front: Now Available On Kindle!

Look what magically happens now when you search my name on Amazon!

This is the page from a United Kingdom server - it's really $0.99 when you purchase in the United States and £0.86 in the United Kingdom.

Storm Front, the Tina Storm urban fantasy short story collection bundled with The Archive of Lost Dreams paranormal short story collection is now available for purchase for the Kindle!

Another absolutely gorgeous cover courtesy of the extraordinarily talented Archer!

I am absolutely in love with this cover as well. I think it’s gritty and urban, which suits Tina Storm exactly right! Every time I have an idea for a cover, it turns out to be so totally beyond what I imagined and so much better – I really, really love it.

I’m toying with the idea of enrolling Storm Front into the Kindle Library, which means that it will be free for short amounts of time during a 90 day lending period. I’ll probably do that after Christmas, possibly after the New Year, so if I do decide to do it I’ll keep you posted.

I’m not sure when the paperback version will be available, but I am working on it.



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