When Priorities Don’t Prioritise The Way They Should!

I was all set to open up The Oncoming Storm today and take a look at the one scene I didn’t want to write: Tina’s confrontation with her parents after she’s almost murdered a girl at a blood magic party, almost been turned into a vampire, almost been killed by the guy she’s been dating (yes, I am aware of the three ‘almosts’ in that!), been rescued by the very demon her father doesn’t want her to spend time with, and broken her curfew/grounding. I don’t want Tina’s parents to yell at her. In fact, I don’t want to write this scene at all, even though I know it is essential. I can’t have her breaking rules without consequences. My novels are always about the consequences of the choices my heroines make. I’ve been putting this off for a whole month.

But instead The King’s Phoenix jumped on me and demanded I write down some notes before I forgot them for the next scene I’ve been preparing for in my head. So I ended up going through what I’ve written of that and tweaking it already. Bad form, I know! TKP has to wait until TOS is done, but it just won’t.