Do You Know An Amazon Bestseller?

Well, if you didn’t before, you do now!

My short story collection, Storm Front, is currently on Amazon’s top 100 bestseller’s list for fantasy short stories.


This is going to annoy some people. Some other crap is going down on Goodreads where basically an author whose book I rated one star has sent her friends to rate my books 1 star. I’m so happy I’ve risen to Amazon Bestseller status now. Even though it’s horrible to be bullied that way, this shows that ratings don’t necessarily mean people will avoid your books.


5 thoughts on “Do You Know An Amazon Bestseller?

  1. Penelope @ The Reading Fever says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations!! That is so awesome to hear. And that sucks about the other author. I don’t understand why people would use their influence in such a way. It’s such an abuse of their power. Anyway, kudos to you, and hopefully the thing with the other author will blow over soon!


  2. Melbourne on my mind says:

    Congratulations again! The stuff that’s going down on Goodreads is so ridiculously childish and unprofessional. If said author hits the big time, are they going to send their friends around to beat up professional reviewers if they get a bad review in the newspaper?! INSANITY. ❤


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