Drama Llamas, Everywhere

Hey kittens. It’s Tuesday and it’s about time I checked in on you again even though I have no idea what you’re interested in hearing about. So I’ll just tell you why I’ve been absent from blogging in the hopes you’ll still read it.

First the bad stuff:

  • As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve cut back on my blogging. This is because the Viking and I are moving to Australia in a little over a month. And I’m really sorry: I know some of you really love my blogging, but I just can’t commit to more than once a week at this rate, or even to that once a week. I know I had a schedule up for 30 Days of Disney and everything, but I’m just not in the right place to do this right now. Things will change once I’m settled in Australia but right now I’m citing personal reasons for the lack of updates – as well as the fact that I *shamefacedly* haven’t been writing.
  • The Viking and I are nearly out of books. We’ve been sorting out our house and have had to give almost everything we own away to charity shops. Luckily I have a few paperbacks unpacked (Hallowed, Huntress, and Kissed By An Angel 1-4) and a slew of ebooks to read, even though I don’t really like reading ebooks on my computer.
  • In amongst the whole ‘YA authors vs book reviewers’ hoo-ha that’s been going around the internet lately I’ve been having my own crisis on Goodreads, where I’m both an author and a reviewer: several friends of a vanity-published author whose book I rated 1 star decided to rate my own books 1 star in retaliation, because for some reason they thought I was being particularly nasty. For the record, I wasn’t. The author in question and I had only ever been civil to one another, but if there hadn’t been several altercations with my friends, I wouldn’t have discovered ‘the book’. The book was what I refer to as ‘my genre’: young adult high fantasy, what I love reading and writing best. I tried to read it, hated it, and reported so on Goodreads in the most professional and objective review I’ve written yet. A month later the 1 star ratings and nasty slanderous shelves started appearing on my books, such as ‘vengeful author’, ‘author sends trolls against critics’, ‘bad author stay away’, ‘bad author behaviour’, ‘author can’t take criticism’ and ‘author should just give up’.
    For the record I don’t care what you rate my book so long as it’s honest. I’ll never hold a negative review against anyone. I believe in freedom of speech when it comes to books: however I do not agree with bashing authors. The author of the book I rated 1 star contacted me and we had a civil, friendly discussion, and the author asked those friends to remove their ratings. Most did. But while the whole ‘YA authors vs book reviewer’s’ hoo-ha has been going on, I didn’t particularly want to write a post about what happened because it might look like I was another author who was complaining about 1 star reviews.

    Most of the ratings have now been removed, although some lingering ‘bad author’ shelves remain. I wrote a post addressing this, as is my style (much like Abraham Lincoln would often write letters and never deliver them just to get it out of his system) but now that post seems rather superfluous. Not sure whether I’ll post it. It’s out of my system and I just want to move on.

  • Now the good stuff:

    • I had a chat with Goodreads moderators about this. They’re investigating because the accounts that rated my book 1 star DO look suspicious (so a few people I won’t name here but you know who you are might rest a bit easy on your own suspicions).
    • I want to thank EVERYONE who supported me. I won’t name names but thank you to people who volunteered to honestly review the book, thanks to people who spread that I was looking for reviewers, thanks to people who comforted me during this and who put on their Troll Brigade helmets. If you THINK I’m talking about you, I probably am, so thank you.
    • I got a full manuscript request from a brand new small press publisher and am currently revising the manuscript before I send it off.

the highest of fives

    • I’m starting a read-along on Goodreads of The Hunger Games on Saturday. I’m the only one who hasn’t read it so far, so if you’ve been meaning to read it before the film comes out in March, sign up here to read along with us.

13 thoughts on “Drama Llamas, Everywhere

  1. Caitlin says:

    glad all the offending comments/ reviews have been removed and the accounts are being looked into (good for Goodreads!). Also…YAY that you’re finally reading The Hunger Games. I. CAN’T. WAIT. for the film in March! SOOOO excited! I love they’ve picked pretty much unknowns for the main characters.

    oh! and congrats about the small press publisher full MS request! is this different from the other one? (congrats none-the-less, that’s AWESOME! *high fives*)


  2. Melbourne on my mind says:

    Boo to trolls, yay to manuscript requests!! VERY exciting stuff 🙂

    And hurrah to Goodreads investigating! Hopefully they close these morons’ accounts down. So excited about the Hunger Games movie – I’m nearly half way through my reread already, despite only starting last night!


  3. Taneika says:

    I’m so happy that you got a manuscript request! That is amazing! Especially considering the whole 1 star retaliation thing.
    Congratulations and best of luck 🙂

    PS- I hope you enjoy Hunger Games!!


  4. Cameo says:

    I wanted to let you know how impressed I am by your blog. It inspired me to create my own (that and I was told in a writing webinar that it was a necessity but I had no idea how I was going to do it). Yours is the blog I want to emulate but with my own style 🙂

    Anyhow, I also wanted to mention how much I appreciate the link to writers unboxed – that place has some great, useful information! Your stories look like they’d be right up my alley (especially the deep space adventure staring the cyborg girl!). I’ll be checking your work out soon.


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