What’s Happened Here?

Valentine’s Day has taken over the blog!

Whether you’re single, anti-Valentine’s Day or taken, enjoy the new temporary layout.

I was planning on posting some flash fiction inspired by romance every day during the lead up to the most commercialised ‘holiday’-that-isn’t-a-holiday but my grandfather’s untimely death coupled with an international move has forced me to rein back. I wanted to enter Lady Timony’s #DearValentine bloghop but the timing is just off for me. I’m moving countries part-way through the challenge and I wouldn’t want to let the other contestants down.

Instead I might work on some original 100-300 word flash fictions (I love them SO MUCH) and I might post some teasers from unpublished manuscripts… you never know, you might be in luck! Especially as seeing I’m not very good at writing romance…


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