Valentine Flash Fiction #1: After The Sunset

Prompt: Love, romance.

Word count: 250.

Not the easiest of prompts, but my volunteer did pull them from a hat so what more can I ask?

 Ever wonder what happened after the cowboy saved his damsel and rode off into the sunset?

After The Sunset

The night’s activities couldn’t have gone more wrong.

John helped Jane down from his trusty steed, and swept her into his arms. Jane clung to him in fright, for no one had ever picked her up before. He tried to soothe her with kisses, but couldn’t quite reach her lips. She didn’t realise what he was trying to do, for she was too busy trying to spit a bug out of her mouth.

John shifted Jane’s weight and nearly dropped her. She shrieked in his ear and swatted at another insect tangled in her windswept hair. John staggered towards his little ranch house. He was used to hog-tying people and slinging them over his shoulder, not carrying them in his arms.

Jane shrieked again when John stepped over the threshold – he had banged her head on the door frame. Frustrated, John let Jane slip from his arms. Jane looked around: the little house had a rickety single bed held together by ropes, a half-empty bottle of whisky next to it, and an old chipped bathtub in the opposite corner. She wanted to faint.

“Jane?” John said gently, his voice husky. “Ya’ll right?”

She nodded weakly. This wasn’t exactly the happy ever after she’d imagined when he’d face down Doctor ‘The Duke’ Nichols and pulled her off the train tracks. She’d thought his house would at least be clean, with perhaps an oven or at least a clean bed.

Oh well, she thought. At least this is true love.


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  1. Kathy says:

    What are the chances that I’d pull out those two? I love what you wrote, it made me laugh. I think it’s more true to life than most flawless romance movies =)


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