Valentine Flash Fiction #2: After The Break Up

Prompt: chocolate, heart.

Word count: 300.

I turned it into a chocolate heart – and I never said my Valentine shorts were going to be Valentine-ey! Also, I have no idea what is up with both of them being ‘After the’ so far… maybe I’ll turn it into a theme?

Did Mina make the right choice breaking up with Richard?

After The Break Up


Mina wiped her eyes and vowed never to fall in love again. Not after Richard’s blatant disregard for her feelings, his careless attitude towards her friends, and his constant pressuring to get married as soon as possible and have children.

She was far too young to get married! She was twenty-three, had a bright career ahead of her at the art gallery, and wasn’t about to quit to become an older man’s trophy wife.

If only he understood. Instead, he imagined that if he showered her with enough gifts she’s acquiesce to his demands, become pliable in his hands like putty. Mina knew she was stronger than that!

She blew her nose and crept up the stairs to her bedroom, remembering the time when she was off work sick with pneumonia for three weeks. Every day Richard had visited, bringing a different kind of sweet every day. She’d built quite a little collection, which over the past few days she had devoured in utter misery. Now there was only one piece left. A little chocolate heart. One small reminder of her connection to Richard – the only thing in her apartment.

Once Mina went back to work, Richard had suggested they move in together. That was the beginning of Mina’s resistance. She had grown more and more miserable as the date approached, for of course she had said yes. She didn’t want to leave her nice cozy apartment, a ten minute walk from her art gallery in the city. She didn’t want to leave her favourite coffee shop, her dry cleaner’s, her friends and family, to move out to the suburbs with Richard.

She only wanted to forget him. There was one thing left in her apartment that reminded her of him.

She approached the little chocolate heart and unwrapped it…


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  1. Kathy says:

    Nice work Lissa. I like the sympolism of her “consuming” the thing that was becoming a burden upon her – almost like she is reclaiming her power to make her own decisions.


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