Valentine Flash Fiction #4: A Devil’s Deal

Prompt: lifetime, heart.

Word count: 150.

I think I naturally gravitate towards the macabre. 

One woman’s insults gets on the nerve of a rather peculiar businessman.

Stabbed Heart

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“I don’t know why you keep calling me heartless,” Sir said. “I have a heart. It’s right there on my desk.”

A shot of fear lanced down Marjorie’s spine. Her knees knocked together so hard she was surprised the impeccably dressed man behind the large oak desk didn’t hear. She mentally kicked herself. Of course he wouldn’t respond well to that particular insult: rumour had it Sir’s incredible charisma and influential personality had been gained only by removing said heart in a deal made with the Devil.

“In fact,” Sir said patiently with a deceiving smile, “I’ve had it for quite some time.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean…”

“No, of course not.” Sir waved his hand, removing a knife from the drawer in his desk. “But you seem to know a lot about how people should feel on particular issues. Maybe it’s time I got a new heart.”