Surprise Unveiled!

There are two things I’m announcing today.

The first is that Storm Front is now available for FREE on for five days only. This is your chance to see what all the fuss is about Tina for. Storm Front is part of the Kindle lending library, so if you’ve got a .com account, don’t miss out!

The second is that something amazing happened to me. I’m just a little self-published author with only two books out, but a few weeks ago a mysterious person by the name of Cameo Anderson approached me and asked if she could paint one of my characters for me. After getting over my initial shock that my little stories had inspired someone’s artwork, Cameo and I agreed that she would paint Tina Storm, the very teenage electro-manipulative demon hunter from the short story collection Storm Front mentioned above, which was also a (very brief) bestseller!

Here’s the result:

"Tina Storm" by Cameo Anderson

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

I don’t know a lot about art (words are more my thing) but I absolutely love the colour palette, the wistful expression on her face and the lightning outside. She’s absolutely beautiful. I’m so touched by the effort and clear love Cameo has put into this piece of art.

And I’m still pinching myself that my words can inspire someone like this.

And it’s perfect timing as well. Tina’s full-length novel, The Oncoming Storm, will be published this year. I’ve fallen behind on my self-imposed schedule because of the whole let’s-move-to-a-different-continent thing.

Please show your support by visiting Cameo’s websites: – Illustration portfolio – writer’s blog/website


10 thoughts on “Surprise Unveiled!

  1. Caitlin says:

    OMG! WOW! That painting is absolutely GORGEOUS! how awesome! what a lovely surprise! that’s such a nice thing! (oh and good luck with the big move! :))


  2. Cameo Anderson says:

    I am so glad everyone likes it. I think she’s a great character and she turned out quite different from any other character I have painted to date.


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