Hi kittens.

Well it’s been a tumultuous month of finding my feet back in Australia. I have barely had time to catch my breath let alone write anything. My life has been full of catching up with friends I haven’t seen in two years, trying to find full-time work whilst working part-time, doing touristy things with the Viking and spending time with family.

I’ve had a glance at some of my stats, and to my surprise I found that I missed something in January. In the haste of packing the house and leaving the United Kingdom, I missed the fact that for a brief time, The Edge of Darkness made it into the top 100 bestseller’s chart in iTunes for Australian science fiction. So yay!


I’ve also had a look at my stats from when Storm Front was available for free on Kindle on KDP Select in February. There were hundreds of downloads, which resulted in new ratings on Goodreads and Amazon and new fans for the Facebook fan page. So thank you!