Storm Front #6 Needs A New Title

It’s getting to a point where Storm Front #6 really needs a new title. I’ve been calling it The Oncoming Storm as a work in progress title, but I was never really happy about it. Mostly because the storm is no longer oncoming: it’s here! In the book, I mean.

So it’s time Tina’s first full-length novel had a real name. I’ve been brainstorming a lot, and I’ve come up with four titles that I think each fit the feel of the novel. But I need some help! More importantly, I need YOUR help.

Here’s the blurb (also a work in progress, but it gives the basic overview of the novel):

Tina Storm, an Australian teenage demon hunter, has been charged by the Council of Elders to infiltrate a coven of witches and figure out who’s leading their blood magic rituals – spells designed to hurt others for personal gain.

Because of her recent vigilante adventures, Tina’s powerful and inherited lightning vanquish has been banned by the Council. She has to rely on her latent talents to convince the witches she’s one of them, and try to avoid raising the suspicion of the hot and mysterious male witch who’s taken a shine to her… and his gift for blood magic has sinister intentions.

And maybe a male witch is better for her than the Chinese shapeshifting demon who’s keen to get to know her better. At least the witch is human… and they’re not on two sides of an ancient war.

Help me! Based on the above blurb, which title do you like best?


7 thoughts on “Storm Front #6 Needs A New Title

  1. Kathy says:

    Night of Blood and Magic is best, I think, though I also like Storm of Blood. Perhaps Storm of Blood is less cliched, but Night of B&M has a nice flow to it. I didn’t like the others as much because isn’t she just posing as a witch, rather than actually becoming one?


    • Lissa says:

      Yes, she is posing as a witch. That’s why I like ‘Witchling’. And ‘Blood Witch’ came about because I said to myself, well, what’s it really all about? Vampires and witches and demons and hunting. The Viking suggested Storm of Blood because it has the word ‘storm’ in it like the other Storm Front short stories. And Night of Blood and Magic just came to me. I want a book that doesn’t share its title with a dozen others.


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