Meme: Lucky Seven

I’ve been tagged for the Lucky 7 meme by twitter buddy Emilia Quill. Currently I am stressing to the eyeballs about finishing the WIP before Camp NaNoWriMo starts (Ha! Like that’s going to happen) and planning the next two standalone novels.

Here’s the seven lines from page 77 of my WIP, starting from line seven six. We’re crashing one of many dates that Tina goes on in the book:

“Do you want to get in?” Lachlan asked after we’d watched the dolphins peeking at us, swimming past and flashing their fins at us, somersaulting out of the water and splashing us, laughing at us and inviting us to join them in the water. They seemed to be saying, Come on in! The water’s fine.

“Should we?” I said. “I mean, they’re wild. Isn’t it illegal or something?”

He gave me a smile that bordered on condescending. “No one’s going to stop us.” He kicked a leg over one side of the boat. “Or are you too afraid?”

The seven I’m tagging:

Charlotte E English

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A Beautiful Ramble

That’s it, actually. I don’t follow many writers with a WIP: my circles are more reviewers or people already (traditionally) published who won’t share a WIP.