Storm Front #6 Excerpt

“I’m a demon hunter,” I said, relishing the sound of the words tumbling from my mouth. “I’m born in to it, much liked you’re born into witchcraft. Wanna know why I was so bad at blood magic?” I raised my left hand and let the lightning spark between my fingers. “Because I have this. A lightning vanquish. I’ve already used it on a human. You wanna come at me, bro? Bring your blood. I’ll fry you to high heaven.”

Ladies and gentlefolk, Storm Front #6 is almost finished. Remember to vote here on the poll to help me select a name for the novel. We’ve got a clear winner so far: is it the title you think fits best?

I’ve also got a fabulous editor lined up for October, which should give me enough time to edit her up and get feedback from beta readers. It will be awesome working with an editor! The Edge of Darkness didn’t actually have one, you know. Some people are precious about their writing, but I actually love mine to be hacked to pieces. I couldn’t afford an editor when I lived in England because we could barely afford to feed ourselves. But now that I’m back in Australia with a job (which, incidentally, I LOVE), I can afford to invest a little more into my books.


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