My Experience of Working with a Professional Copy Editor

  • They will not change your voice.
  • They will not improve the overall general standard of writing.
  • What I mean by that is they will not comb through each sentence and rewrite it for you. If your writing is shit, it will still be shit. it will just be readable shit.
  • They will catch the majority of typos and grammatical errors.
  • They will fix your punctuation according to the accepted style.
  • They will tell you when your sentence just sounds stupid.
  • They will check to see how colloquial your slang is and if it is understandable.
  • They will tell you to rewrite, but will not rewrite it for you.
  • They will make sure you don’t use stupid speech tags (SORRY, K!).
  • They will research the correct terminology and make sure you’re not saying something stupid and/or incorrect.
  • They will laugh at unintended innuendos.
  • They will tell you when you’re being cheesy.
  • They will tell you when they want it to be better.
  • They will teach you about your own weaknesses, but this does not mean that you won’t need an editor ever again.
  • They will not be offended when you do not accept a change. After all, they are only advising you. You have the final say on your own product.