The Edge of Darkness new cover

Can you believe it’s been three years this year since I published my first novel, the deep space cyborg adventure The Edge of Darkness?

I can’t. Time has flown.

Normally when books are traditionally published sometimes they’re first put out in a hardcover version, which is more expensive for publishers to sustain, so after about a year or so they put out a paperback version as well. They normally have different covers. Seeing as how The Edge of Darkness is turning three this year I’ve decided to spruce her up with a cover change.


cover eod 2014

Of course this cover still has the nebula in it. Because the first book I published was sci-fi, I think that’s always going to be part of my author brand.

I love the new cover. It’s ridiculously hard to find the right image, but I think I made the right choice putting Max and Ethan there. I feel like simpler is better for this, which is why I made the decision to keep the text white and unadorned.